Albert Einstein

We all know Albert Einstein's childhood but do those people really know alot about his childhood. Well if you think you know about it you really don't.

Early Life

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14th, 1973. He went to school up to collage because his family was to poor to give him money to go to collage.


World War l

August 1st 1914 the German, French Britain and Russion citizens fought in World War l. During that time (1915) Einstein signed the "Manifesto" to Europeans. Signing the "Manifesto" was Einsteins first political gesture he made.

His Family

His Family was a very quite family. His mothers name is Paulien Einstein and his fathers name is Herman Einstein. His mother was a very good pianoist. His father was a engneer. Knowing that his parents were that, you could tell that he lived with very talented people.



One of his most famous invention is "E=mc2" the equation. E

energy, M=mass and c

the speed of light. This is how it works... If an astranot is in space and travels at the speed of light, time will pass more slowly

for them in space than the people on Earth. Einstein said objects would appear to become much shorter. That was his most

famous invention "E=mc2".


His Friends

His friends were Marcel Grossmen, Michael Angalo and Meleva Maric. His friends played the Cello, Piano and Albert Played the Violin. He said" it was challanging but worth it. Him and his friends went no a .ong journey to America in 1933 to play their instraments.

Late Life

Einstein died at the age of 76 of a heart atack on April 18th 1955. He was very missed by his friends and family.