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Amelia Earhart was a normal child in many ways. Amelia Mary Earhart was born on 1897. Her mother, Amy Earhart and her father Edwin Earhart got divorced when she was a little girl. Amelia,her mother and her sister moved to Des Moines, Iowa in 1909. When she was a little girl she was a tomboy. Before she lived in Atchison, Kansas.


Plane Life

Come on let's take a flight with Amelia Earhart. Amelia Earhart got her plane's licenced in 1922. Amelia was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Amelia made it once around the world. Her first plane was yellow. Here are some of her planes names.

" The Canary"

In Canada 1917 Amelia got involed in the Red Cross to help World War 1 (WW1) soiders. In 1932 she made a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. She was the first woman to fly across U.S.A. Also Amelia flew to Hawii to Californa and Mexico City to the East Coast.

Late Life

In Amelia's Earhart's late life she met a nice person. Amelia got engaged to Samuel Champman but then she got married to George Putnman. Amelia wrote two books. After that she also made two cloting lines for woman.

The Mystery ?

The mystery begins of Amelia Earhart. When Amelia Earhart made a seconed atempt in 1937 around the world she dissapered in the Pacific Ocean. The Navy and Millatary searched and searched but could not find her. But still toaday no one found her. But people are still trying to find her.




Amelia Earhart Aviation Pioneer

By Roxane Chadwick