Amelia Earhart

Childhood external image g38468_u37485_Ameliachild.jpg ( Amelia as a kid.)

Come fly along and learn facts about Amelia Earhart's childhood and life. Amelia Earhart was born on July 24,1898.She was born in Aitchison,Kansas. She was a tomboy when she was young.In 1909 she moved to Des, Moines, Iowa. Her middle name was Mary. Her mom's name was Amy and her dad's name was Edward. She had one sister. She graduated from Park Ryde. She graduated from College and was a nurse's aid for Red Cross, in Tornonto. When she grew up she got engaged to Samuel Chapman, but they did not get married. He was a chemical engineer from Boston. Instead of getting married to Samuel Chapman she got married to George Putnam. Those were some facts about Amelia in her childhood and as an adult.
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Now that you know facts about her childhood come along and learn about her plane's. She once flew from Mexico City to the East coast.In 1922 she got her first pilot's license. Her first ride in an airplane was in 1920. Amelia Earhart flew across the Pacific Ocean in 1928. She became one of the greatest pilots in the 20th century. On October 22, 1922, she flew her plane to 14,000 feet,the world altitude record for female pilots. She soon realized she loved riding planes and she wanted to do that all the time. In 1923 she set a women's speed record. She disappeared on July 3, 1937. After she disappeared they legally called her dead because no one ever saw here again. Know one knows what happened to her after that!