Hello,my name is Amerigo Vespucci. I was born in 1454. I was born in Florence,Italy.I am Italian and I sail for Spain.During my childhood I collected lots of books and maps.Also during my childhood,I got beat up a lot for trying to change my classmates names to mine(Amerigo Vespucci). When I was young I left my parents to go to the Republic of Pisa.My first job was as a stewerd for Lorenzo de Medici.A while later I married Maria de Cerezo.I got into exploring when I was in Spain when I worked on ships. My first voyage was in 1499 as a navigator when we ended up exploring the coast of South America. My most intresting discovery is when I explored the new world. During this voyage I sailed for King Manuel I (the first) and I explored Brazil. Among the important places I dicovered during this voyage one of them is Guanabara Bay (Rio De Janeiro).About 8 years after my last voyage I died on February 22,1512 of malaria in Seville,Spain. Those are some facts about my life.