Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson had a big family,but not for long! Andrew Jackson's brothers,Robert and Hugh, his mom, and dad all died before Andrew was 14 years old. His dad actually died six days before he was born. His brother died a year before that. His mom,Elizabeth, died early too, also before Andrew was 14. Andrew and his wife Rachel were a Presbyterian family and had no kids during their marriage. They adopted a kid and named him Andrew Jr. Sadly Jackson only had a family for a short time (14 years) but still made his life be a really good one.


Early Life

Even Andrew Jackson was a kid once, lets see what his life was like in 1767. Andrew Jackson was born on March,15 1767 in South Carolina. Before the Jacksons moved to South Carolina they lived in Ireland. Right After Andrew was born they moved to Elizabeth's sister's house. When Andrew was born his family had only been in the United States for two years. You would think think Andrew Jackson went to a big college like Harvard, but Jackson didn't go to college at all. Andrew Jackson was a kid just like us!

Before his Presidency
Andrew Jackson was a big president right? But do you know any thing about what he did before that? Before Andrew Jackson was president he was in the army He fought in the war of 1812 and defendedthe city of New Orleans. .Jackson was also a teacher and served for the senate, both for a short time.In 1824 nobody got enough electoral votes to become president .The House of Representatives picked John Quincy Adams even though Jackson had the most amount of votes.Even Though Jackson didn't become president in 1824 a few years later that would change.
This is Andrew Jackson before he was president.


Almost 200 years ago Andrew Jackson was president. In Jackson's election (1829) he was a popular vote. Because of his attitude Jackson was called "Old Hickory" and "King Andrew". In 1832 Jackson got re-elected. Jackson's Vice President was John C. Calhoun. Calhoun resigned his Vice President became Martin Van Buren. Eight years after he was president Jackson died. Even though it was 200 years ago, Andrew Jackson would still be a GREAT president now!

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