Here Is My Blabberize Script

Ciao! My Name is Giovanni da Verrazano. There has been some conflicting information about my origins. Some historians say I was born in Italy, some say I was born in France. My parents were Andrea di Bernardo da Verrazano and Fiametta Capelli. I was born in the year 1485. I had a younger brother his name was Gerolamo. I grew up in France. I came from a very noble family.
After 1506 I settled in Dieppe, France and began my career as a navigator in the company of Captain Thomas Aubert. In 1503 I tried to find the Northwest Passage. While looking for the Northwest Passage I came upon the coast of Florida. I explored because Frances King wanted new land, and I wanted to find a Passage in the North West leading to China. I also wanted to capture Spanish ships.
On my last and final voyage I was expecting to find Native Americans I found man eating Caribs. I got a eaten that day